Our Eco Policy

Our Eco Policy

Being eco-friendly is easy to say but the reality is much harder. At The Southern Bubble Co we practice what we preach. We believe it is our responsibility to provide a service that has the least impact on the environment where possible.

Our fizz and selected beers are served from the KeyKeg System. These kegs are not only sustainable but also 100% recyclable. The compact design means that KeyKegs have a 25-30% higher loading capacity than steel kegs. Fewer shipments are required, and empty kegs do not need to be returned. All in all, the savings on transport can run to 65%. This also lowers your CO2 emissions, and the option of dispensing using compressed air reduces CO2 emissions even more. Also you don’t need harsh chemicals for intensive cleaning, as you do with steel kegs.

Furthermore, using the KeyKeg OneCircle Initiative the used KeyKegs will be collected to reuse the raw materials for new KeyKegs. All the raw materials can be separated in just a few steps and used to make new KeyKegs. Important parts of KeyKegs are already being made from 100% recycled plastic.

We don’t supply any single use plastics to serve our drinks in. For our prepaid events we provide reusable plastic glassware. Should these need to be disposed of they are 100% recyclable. When we are selling drinks by the glass at public events we serve our drinks in biodegradable glassware.

To offset the CO2 we do produce we have partnered with Carbon Footprint, a tree planting scheme. They plant one tree for every tonne of CO2 produced. The funding supports the planting of trees in the UK region of our choice, the South East. The project mainly plants in school locations, helping to educate children and support wildlife habitats whilst sequestering carbon emissions.

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